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Commitment to education and training is a core concern of Evonik. We have to inspire the skilled workers of tomorrow already today - and that with future-oriented technologies - such as the Cyber-Classroom.
Markus König
Corporate Marketing Evonik

With the CyberClassroom, we provide you with a flexible tool for enhancing your classes. The digital learning environment consisting of virtual reality (VR) learning modules enables to make the invisible visible and to create deeper insights into learning content.

Complex topics can be experienced immersively and are made understandable with the help of interactive 3D real-time learning units. For example, views into the interior of a machine during the production process can be displayed. In addition, “invisible” processes, such as the communication between sensors and actuators, can be demonstrated.

Devices Cyberclassroom
Desktop, Laptop & Touchdisplay
Tablet & Smartphone
HTC Vive & Oculus Quest
The digitally enhanced training concept for fire brigades and emergency services is a signpost for the future that has the potential to reform training and further education in this industry worldwide. This ensures that rescue workers are up to their task in a future-oriented manner.
Marbod Lemke - Stihl
Marbod Lemke
Head of International Training Services and Product Training at STIHL

People in the fire and rescue service often take a high risk when they are on duty. In an emergency, one maxim stands above all others: saving lives.

In order to be able to work quickly, accident free and safely with a rescue saw, careful instruction and regular training for emergency personnel is essential.

The Virtual Reality (VR) simulator “RESCUE SAW VR“ offers a cost-effective solution to be able to practice frequently, in a fuel-efficient manner and without training-related wear and tear.

The spatial design of the heart is actually difficult to convey. But thanks to the stereoscopic model, I only had to answer a few questions in the elective. The good to very good exam results show that the students actually understood a lot.
Dr. Wolfgang Öchsner - Uniklinik Ulm
Dr. Wolfgang Öchsner
Senior Physician Department of Cardiac Anaesthesiology University Hospital Ulm



The department for cardiac anaesthesiology at the University of Ulm is responsible for the anesthesiological care of the hospital’s cardiac surgery patients. Imsimity developed, together with its partner network and the Kompetenzzentrum e-Learning BW, an interactive and immersive learning application for cardiography.

The application enables doctors and students to learn different echocardiographic sections in virtual space. The focus of the application lies on the virtual reality model of a heart with which the user can freely interact. In addition to the animation of the heartbeat, a simulation of the blood flow has been integrated to give the learner an optimal impression of the physiology of the heart.

Uni Ulm
Uni Ulm 2
VR worlds enable users to immerse themselves in artificial worlds. The fantastic thing about it is that it can be anything. I can take people to foreign places and those foreign places can be crystals or atoms. I can take my students from the courses with me into this little world of physics. And with that I can explain things much better than if I would just draw them on the blackboard.
Matthias Frieb
Head of Laser Protection Training uvex safety group

Project: Uvex academy VR

VR Learning and Training environment

The company Uvex – manufacturer of protective equipment for occupational safety – opens up a new field. Virtual training is now also part of the Uvex Academy.

The VR learning and training environment “uvex academy VR” supports laser training courses in theory and in the practical part. All necessary skills, information, legal and normative backgrounds that are required for the commissioning of a laser system are conveyed.

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