Chain Saw VR

Virtual Reality Chainsaw Simulator

Virtual Reality Chainsaw Simulator

for practical rescue saw training

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People in forestry, fire and rescue service often take a high risk when they are on duty. In an emergency, one maxim stands above all others: Saving lives.

In order to be able to work quickly, accident free and safely with a chain- or rescue saw, careful instruction and regular training for emergency services is essential.

The Virtual Reality (VR) rescue saw simulator “RESCUE SAW VR” offers a cost-effective solution for training as much as needed in a fuel saving manner and without wearing out parts.

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The digitally enhanced training concept for fire brigades and emergency services is a signpost for the future that has the potential to reform training and further education in this industry worldwide. This ensures that rescue workers are up to their task in a future-oriented manner.
Marbod Lemke - Stihl
Marbod Lemke
Head of International Training Services and Product Training at STIHL

Rescue Saw VR


General woodcut techniques
Tree felling
Cutting techniques for metal and other extremely resistant materials
Iron gate opening
Emergency in a express train
Tunnel fire
VR operating instruction


That’s what makes the Virtual Reality Simulator

Rescue Saw VR Icon 1
Intensive experience in digital reality
Rescue Saw VR Icon 2
Without real risk potential
CyberClassroom Icon Nr 1
Sustainable learning through immersion
Rescue Saw VR Icon 4
Weather independence and training at any location
Rescue Saw VR Icon 5
Interaction with a real rescue saw
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Worldwide use due to language independence
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Time-saving training without gasoline and without material wear
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Various learning scenarios
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