Roboter steht neben einem Hologramm eines Fahrrads in einer Fahrradwerkstatt
Berufe immersiv erleben | Lebenshilfe Tuttlingen
Barrier-free career guidance: Virtual voyage of discovery for people with impairments
In the VR application “Berufe immersiv erleben”, individual occupational and orientation fields can be practically experienced and interactively explored. People with physical or mental disabilities get a virtual and playful insight into an occupation created for them. This should help to make career orientation more exciting for people with disabilities. In the first module, users can visit a bicycle workshop and assemble a bicycle virtually. They are accompanied by B.E.A., who helps them to find their way around the application.
AR City Tour VS | City of Villingen-Schwenningen
Bringing historical places back to life with augmented reality
In the course of renewing the old history signs in Villingen-Schwenningen, they were digitally enhanced. By means of a QR code, visitors to the towns of Villingen and Schwenningen can access the web app that has been developed. The tour through Villingen is accompanied by the animated local hero Romäus, in Schwenningen Johannes Bürk guides through the towns. Not only the two explanatory figures, but also long-forgotten and no longer existing buildings and structures can be placed in the real world using AR technology. While the visitors see the old buildings in their original place, the narrative figures illuminate the history of the place in each case.
Alex mit Erklärung Power-to-X
Power-to-X in VR | WWF
VR application with insights into our future with hydrogen
The Federal Republic of Germany has set itself the ambitious goal of achieving climate neutrality by 2045. The Kopernikus projects are among the largest research initiatives dealing with the management of the energy transition. The P2X project is one of four Kopernikus projects. In this project, representatives from science, industry and NGOs are working on solutions to offer alternatives to fossil fuels with the help of so-called power-to-X technologies. The VR application developed within this context takes users on a journey to the year 2045, where the power-to-X technologies have been implemented and have thus made a contribution to achieving the climate goals.
Research project EmpowVR | Hochschule Furtwangen University
Innovative training of care activities in VR
Over 76% of those in need of care in Germany are cared for at home by relatives and/or outpatient care services – two thirds exclusively by relatives. The training of relatives often focuses purely on imparting knowledge instead of empowerment and self-management. The research project – with the consortium partner imsimity – is developing VR simulations for various care scenarios in the outpatient sector. Current care processes and different care recipients are taken into account. Caring relatives who are connected to the outpatient care service of the EAH St. Georgen select learning modules and carry them out with borrowed VR glasses, first under guidance and then independently at home.
Erlebnis Donauursprung - Regierungspräsidium Freiburg
Erlebnis Donauursprung | Regierungspräsidium Freiburg
Interactive water rally around the Danube source
In the course of the Danube restoration project, we developed an app for the Regierungspräsidium Freiburg that interactively conveys to users what characterises the habitat of flowing waters at the Danube headwaters and why it is important to restore our developed and straightened waters to a more natural state. Several stations are distributed on a map to convey different types of knowledge. Various technologies such as augmented reality (AR) and 360° images are used.
Energieerlebnis Tuttlingen - Landratsamt Tuttlingen
Energieerlebnis Tuttlingen | Landratsamt Tuttlingen
Save the world interactively and playfully and question your own actions
Together with the Landratsamt Tuttlingen, a learning application has been created in which users follow the mission to save the world. In order to complete the mission, users have to go through the stations of the energy adventure trail in any order. In the process, they meet different characters who provide them with technical background knowledge, hints and suggestions. At one station in the Freilichtmuseum Neuhausen ob Eck, for example, users learn about heating techniques of the past from the maid Johanna. The users can experience the knowledge interactively by means of AR content.
AR-App - 1000Clocks
AR-App | House of 1000 Clocks
View cuckoo clocks in your own living room before buying them
We have developed an augmented reality (AR) application for the House of 1000 Clocks that allows you to choose one of the company’s various cuckoo clocks and place it in your own home. With the help of the app, you can find the right clock for the right place in your home and order it directly. In addition, the placed clock can be shared with a picture via the various social media channels.
Arbeitswelten in VR - Netzwerk Fortbildung BW
Working environments in VR | Netzwerk Fortbildung BW
VR application with training units from industry, trade and logistics
The regional offices for continuing vocational training in Baden-Württemberg have the task of making citizens of the state aware of the continuing education portal and promoting its use. The VR application addresses the change in working and learning conditions brought by economy 4.0 and digitalization. Users can perform tasks in the application in the three areas of industry, trade and logistics, thus demonstrating future forms of work and learning in a modern and interactive way.
ClockHenge VR - Stadtmarketing Furtwangen
ClockHenge VR | Stadtmarketing Furtwangen
Digital immersive experience of the planned tourist attraction ClockHenge
The town of Furtwangen in the Black Forest wants to build “ClockHenge,” probably the largest timepiece in the world: A huge, walk-in cuckoo clock dial in the middle of a clearing in the town’s fir forest. The clock face of the monument with a 65 by 110 meter ground plan should still be easily recognizable from a height of five kilometers. In the course of the planning preparations, imsimity was commissioned to create a VR application. This way, citizens, sponsors and project participants can experience the virtual ClockHenge world three-dimensionally and realistically, on a scale of 1:1, and be involved in the design process even before the real implementation.
XRSkillsLab - Hochschule Furtwangen
xRSkills Lab | Hochschule Furtwangen
VR and AR applications for skills training
The practical training of skills – so-called skills training – plays an important role in academic training in medicine and other health professions. It is used to prepare for and discharge the practical training. In cooperation with the participating universities, imsimity will first develop VR applications for selected learning fields and later also hybrid augmented reality (AR) applications for skills training.
Uvex academi 2
Uvex Academy VR | Uvex
VR learning and training environment
The company Uvex – manufacturer of protective equipment for occupational safety – opens a new field. Part of the Uvex Academy is now also virtual training. The VR learning and training environment “uvex academy VR” supports laser training in theory and in the practical part. All necessary skills, information, legal and normative backgrounds are conveyed that are required for the commissioning of a laser system.
Uni Ulm 1
Cardioanaesthesiology | Uniklinik Ulm
Cyberherz | Transesophageal Echocardiography (Tee modell)
Imsimity developed, together with its partner network and the Kompetenzzentrum e-Learning BW, an interactive and immersive learning application for cardiography.
The application enables doctors and students to learn different echocardiographic sections in virtual space. The application focuses on the virtual reality model of a heart with which the user can freely interact. In addition to the animation of the heartbeat, a simulation of the blood flow has been integrated to give the learner an optimal impression of the physiology of the heart.
SpeedE - Wiha
speedE | Wiha
Web-based VR-application
A web-based VR application was developed for the new product “speedE” in which Wiha’s first rotary screwdriver is presented in an innovative way. With the help of a Google Cardboard, users are completely immersed in Wiha’s product world and interactively learn about the speedE’s advantages. Immerse yourself in the world of virtual product presentation and discover the ergonomic Wiha handle size concept and the speedE in a completely new way.
Lernfabrik Industrie 4.0 - Feintechnikschule Schwenningen
Lernfabrik Industrie 4.0 | Feintechnikschule Schwenningen
DigitalTwin_XR - Making Industry 4.0 comprehensible for vocational training
In order to spark enthusiasm for the topic of Industry 4.0 among young people and, above all, to prepare them as good as possible for the new world of work, the Feintechnikschule in VS-Schwenningen (FTS) tackled a bold project with a so-called web factory: Together with imsimity and many other supporters, the innovative school has created the prototype of a real and virtual learning factory 4.0. The learning factory at FTS is characterized by the fact that no demonstration or laboratory models are used, but real industrial components that manufacture concrete products fully automatically and individually.
AR Ortschronik - Tannheim
AR Ortschronik | Tannheim
Digitally enhanced local chronicle brings local history to life
The digitally enhanced chronicle about the Black Forest community of Tannheim was created in the course of the 1200th anniversary of the borough of the city of Villingen-Schwenningen. Through this chronicle, local history is made more lively and modern by enriching the static print product with innovative and creative cross-media solutions. The reader gets access to information that would not be available to him on paper. The reading of the local chronicle can be made more dynamic and exciting by the technology of AR and thus also motivate and invite younger people to concern themselves with history, in particular also with their own local history.
Blumberg Digital - Blumberg
Blumberg digital | Blumberg
With Blumberg digital, you have your finger on the pulse of time
You will experience Blumberg’s future at first hand and immerse yourself in past times with the help of augmented reality. 3D models, historical film and image material, interactive image galleries and animations bring the past to life. You get an overview as well as background information about i.a. important locations and buildings from the time of the Doggererzabbaus. The virtual city tour is accompanied by a flyer that makes the hotspots easier to find. In the future, you will also be able to experience current municipal topics such as construction areas via the app and via augmented reality. Blumberg presents itself digitally and modernly and creates added value for young and old, for citizens and tourists.
Historische Uhrenfabrik VR - Haus der 1000 Uhren
Historical Clock Factory VR | House of 1000 Clocks
Construction of a cuckoo clock in virtual reality
For the House of 1000 Clocks we developed a VR application that allows you to build a cuckoo clock in 12 steps. And this in a virtual implementation of a real existing historical workshop in Triberg/Black Forest.
Physioselect - Candulor
PhysioSelect | Candulor
Augmented Reality App
Get to know the Candulor tooth line PhysioSelect TCR and BonSelect TCR through augmented reality. You can view the tooth setups, imposing in the room, using a so-called stand version or one size smaller, as a table version. In addition to the two displayed tooth-to-tooth and tooth-to-two-tooth setups, there is also a model analysis to show how the teeth are stable positioned on the alveolar ridge in a stable way. Contact zones drawn on the teeth show the areas in which the respective antagonistic contacts are found.