Mixed Reality Learning Environment

Mixed Reality Learning Platform

Immersion & interaction in real time

With the CyberLearnIT platform, we provide you with a flexible tool for digitally enhancing your classes. The online learning environment is designed to be cross-platform and can therefore be used not only at home via the PC, but also location-independently with tablets and smartphones.

The associated virtual reality (VR) content is linked to the platform and can be experienced using VR data glasses (e.g. HTC Vive).

Users learn complex issues with the support of interactive graphics, films and immersive 3D data models. This holistic approach of combining all digital learning possibilities achieves a new kind of sustainable knowledge transfer.

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That’s what makes our CyberLearnIT Platform

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Interactive 3D models & 2D graphics
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Virtual & Augmented Reality
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Query test with success monitoring
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Location-independent, web-based, responsive
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Multilingual, international
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User administration, Content Management System (CMS)
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Trainer function
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Community forum


Delina Award 2017

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