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Virtual Reality Learning environment

Immersion & interaction in real time

With the CyberClassroom, we provide you with a flexible tool for enhancing your classes. The digital learning environment consisting of virtual reality (VR) learning modules makes it possible to make the invisible visible and to create deeper insights into learning contents.

Complex topics can be experienced immersively and are made understandable with the help of interactive 3D real-time learning units. For example, views into the interior of a machine during the production process can be made possible. In addition, “invisible” processes, such as the communication between sensors and actuators, can be displayed.

The transfer of knowledge in the CyberClassroom helps with the understanding of three-dimensional facts and gives new incentives to deal with the teaching material. Within the contents, teachers or learners with an interaction device have the opportunity to work interactively with the 3D models and thus better understand complex issues.

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One Platform

with many hardware opportunities

Devices Cyberclassroom
HTC Vive & Oculus Quest
Tablet & Smartphone
Desktop, Laptop & Touchdisplay


That’s what makes the CyberClassroom

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Real time feedback & individual learning speed
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User-friendly interactive 3D learning units
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Didactically prepared content by professional experts
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Worldwide and location-independent available
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Development of own, new learning modules
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Cross-browser and cross-platform compatibility
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Smooth control with various interaction devices
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Perfectly coordinated for both education and companies



Do you still have questions? Then please contact us using the contact form or download our VR4schools brochure for further information.

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More information about VR4schools

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    Commitment to education and training is a core concern of Evonik. We have to inspire the skilled workers of tomorrow already today - and that with future-oriented technologies - such as the cyber classroom.
    Markus König
    Corporate marketing Evonik
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    Learning in VR with the smartphone - anywhere at any time
    The virtual reality (VR) app CyberClassroom_togo enables i.a. to perform virtual chemistry experiments, to experience the chemical reactions and compounds in real time, while intuitively learning the basics of the theory. Without any effort to set up the experiment and without any dangers.

    The app can be used with a smartphone which is inserted into mobile VR glasses (e.g. Samsung GearVR or Google Cardboard). As part of the standard CyberClassroom VR learning environment, the app is particularly suitable as a learning station for the knowledge transfer in the STEM area (science, technology, engineering and mathematics).

    Download the CyberClassroom_togo App now from the GooglePlay Store or the App Store:

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    Further information on the CyberClassroom

    Thank you for your interest in CyberClassroom. Enter your e-mail address here and you will receive a download link for the German file by e-mail in a few minutes.

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