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Collaborative Work In Virtual Reality

The VR Coworking Space “CyberCinity” offers digitally enhanced rooms and learning islands for co-creation and collaboration

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CyberCinity is an immersive collaborative communication platform to replace or complement face-to-face events. The virtual coworking spaces can serve as a future-oriented extension of video conferencing systems with Skype, Zoom, Teams or similar.

The virtual reality (VR) platform enables customisable avatars to interact in first-person-view through various interaction tools. (Whiteboard, chat, drawing tool, 3D elements, emoticons).

And this in a cross-media manner: VR glasses, PC or laptop but also smartphone and tablet can be used as end devices. Access is online and in real time via internet browser.

CyberCinity adds value to hybrid events (real/digital) through the vibrancy & individuality of complementary new possibilities. Users are actors – not spectators – they are socially and spatially present for face-to-face communication and collaboration.

CyberCinity can serve as a (corona-)secure alternative to face-to-face events. The digital VR rooms are generally (travel)cost- and time-saving, and especially resource-saving in any case.

DigitalRedSaloon in CyberCinity
imsimity Showroom in CyberCinity
DigitalRedSaloon in CyberCinity
DigitalRedSaloon in CyberCinity
Arena DigitalRedSaloon in CyberCinity
imsimity Showroom in CyberCinity
imsimity Showroom in CyberCinity
imsimity Showroom in CyberCinity
CyberCinity NZVS
CyberCinity HFU Tuttlingen
CyberCinity P2X WWF
CyberCinity P2X WWF

Overview of functions

This makes CyberCinity the perfect tool

CyberCinity Logo 1
Preparation & organization in advance via smartphone, tablet, desktop, VR
CyberCinity Logo 2
Collaborative interaction & editing of virtual 3D objects
CyberCinity Logo 6
Exchange of contacts
CyberCinity Logo 4
Cross platform setup - participation via VR glasses or web browser
CyberCinity Logo 3
Avatars to identify the participants
CyberCinity Logo 5
Possibility to document and record the meeting
CyberCinity Logo 7
Different permissions
CyberCinity Logo 8
Whiteboard function


These companies already use CyberCinity

Logo HFU
Hochschule Furtwangen University
Campus Tuttlingen
Logo WWF
Logo ERS Karlsruhe
Ernst-Reuter-Schule Karlsruhe
Digital Red Saloon
Nephrologisches Zentrum VS
VR Meetingraum

Best Practice

Virtual Fires Congress 2020 – digital

Imsimity offers the right virtual process for every type of event. In July 2020, together with the Virtual Dimension Center St. Georgen, we implemented the 15th anniversary of the Virtual Fires Congress completely virtually. You can find a recording of the event here.

VR Scenarios

The perfect tool for various scenarios

Lecture / seminar / workshop
One speaker several participants
One moderator several participants
Creative (Design Thinking, WOL)
One moderator several participants
Trade fair
One speaker several participants
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