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Virtual Reality Suction Simulator

Virtual Reality in Nursing Education

The “CyberCare Lab” room concept and the imsimity “VR4Care” solution

Frau mit VR-Brille und Controllern im CyberCareLab

The work of tomorrow (#NewWork) requires future competences such as the ability to use new media adequately. With the technological possibilities of Virtual Reality (VR) that are still very new, complex topics of nursing education are made simple and easy to understand.

This is done by using VR data glasses – so-called Head Mounted Displays (HMD) – and recorded, immersive-interactive learning applications. The virtual reality complete solution from imsimity for nursing education:


Added value of VR: Professional scenarios can be experienced realistically in 3D space. Users can learn from their mistakes in a quickly and resource-saving way through constant repetition until the learning process “sinks in”.

The (future) trainees as well as the teachers develop an understanding for the necessary visionary competence of how VR can be optimally used in nursing education.

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The digitally complementary training opportunities in virtual reality (VR) are an enormous gain for us. We achieve a motivating and more efficient basic training with it. We work in a future-oriented manner for a way of living that is adapted to the current digitality, also in the care sector.
Sabrina Singler - EAH St. Georgen
Sabrina Singler
Head of Training at Evang. Altenhilfe St. Georgen
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