imsimity GmbH

Our employees’ and partners’ unwavering commitment, sense of responsibility and team spirit form the basis of imsimity’s success.


Our team consists of experts in areas of mathematics, physics, IT, media technology and user experience. Freelancers, PhD-candidates, students, thesis-candidates and interns are always part of our work and it is thanks to their impetus and their “creative chaos” that we improve constantly.

Creative Head & CEO: Martin Zimmermann

… is one of the pioneers of technology transfer in Germany.

His long years of experience as “First mover” in the software industry, his high quality network and strong drive to make vision reality characterize him. He initiated Europe’s biggest  Virtual Reality (VR) centre of excellence ( and continues to give important impetus in the VR industry. Optimising production development processes in middle sized companies is an issue that’s close to his heart. Under his leadership the first local VR centre of excellence was created in 2004 (www.vdc-tz-stgeorgen). Since 2005 the centre organizes the international symposium on “Safety and security” (

His goal is to integrate the variety of application possibilities for VR and AR technology in a sensible and cost-efficient way into everyday day life. The education initiative “Immersive Learning & Training” arose from this motivation ( Since 2007 the initiative made learning in VR possible.



Consulting. Concepts. Technologies.

Imsimity GmbH offers mixed reality software and hardware solutions and has its headquarters in St. Georgen's technology centre in the Black Forest, and a branch in Stuttgart. 

The company develops interactive 3D stereo worlds like for example aerodynamics, fluid mechanics, architecture or crash visualization. COVISE is at the centre of our visualization processes, software that, based on complex data structure and procedures, generates interactive models for users.

Further business fields include immersive product presentations for fairs, showrooms or point of sales and teaching, learning and training environments for schools, universities and professional or on-the-job-training (CyberLearningSpaces). Imsimity is partner of different research projects in the EU or in Germany by BMBF or MWK Baden-Württemberg, cooperation partner of the Competence Centres TechnologyMountains, VDC Fellbach and VDC TZ St. Georgen.

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