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Making industry 4.0 comprehensible for vocational training

In order to trigger young people's enthusiasm for industry 4.0 and, above all, to prepare them as much as possible for the new world of work, the Feintechnikschule in VS-Schwenningen (FTS) launched a courageous project called Web-Factory: Together with imsimity and many other supporters, the innovative school has created the prototype of a real and virtual learning factory 4.0. The learning factory at the FTS is characterised by the fact that no demonstration or laboratory models are used, but real industrial components that produce concrete products fully automatically and individually. (Press report Computerwoche)

Through their commitment to the learning factory, the participating companies have the advantage that they can train their employees first-hand in digital competence. In addition, the concept generally provides training opportunities for small and medium-sized companies.

In addition to imsimity, as Mixed Reality experts, the companies
Stein-Automation provided the components of the learning factory.

Lernfabrik offers industry 4.0 for hands-on use

The company Stein Automation contributes a workpiece carrier transport system to the learning factory plant, which brings the blanks for processing and back to dispatch. As part of the project, Stein has developed the distribution of the learning factory. The production plant can thus also be made available to other schools. (Press report...)