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AR Ortschronik brings local history to life

The digitally expanded chronicle of the Black Forest community of Tannheim is created in the course of the 1200th anniversary of the city district of Villingen-Schwenningen. Through this chronicle, local history becomes more vivid and modern by enriching the static print product with innovative and creative solutions. A connection between the real and the digital world is created, which enables the reader to experience a new kind of experience. The reader gets access to information that would not be available on paper.

By >> examples   you can have a look at the digitally extended chronicle.

Download the free app "Apps from Tannheim" in one of the App Stores. >> Android, >> iOS

A new reading experience for young and old alike

Reading the local history can be made more dynamic and exciting by the technology of AR and also motivate younger people by doing so and invite them to learn about history, especially their own history. It opens a new world of experience to experience history.