imsimity GmbH


XVR is a professional simulation platform for virtual training of executives in the area of Safety and Security, that is fire brigades, security and relief forces, disaster relief and civil protection and many more.

Realistic, interactive 3D scenarios allow you to develop individual scenarios. An editor allows you to adapt them to your needs, not just train in already existing scenarios. Operative and strategic executives can train, analyse and consider their decisions without any serious consequences for the lives of others. This simulation platform allows you to train for situations that can not be simulated in the real world, like for example collapsing skyscrapers and plane crashes.

Thanks to the Ressource Management disaster relief forces can adjust their contingency planning strategically to real life scenarios. The XVR simulation software’s editor and a broad variety of objects enable you to recreate almost any scenario. Training in a first-person-view allows you to perceive your environment through the eyes of the security force member and is therefore highly realistic.