imsimity GmbH

Immersive Art Sphere

We are passionate about making art a digital experience.

Together with artists, painters, 3D artists and our Mixed Reality experts we develop virtual, immersive and interactive art worlds that offer a new way of sharing and experiencing art. Our Virtual and Augmented Reality technology integrates traditional art into digital worlds.

Exhibits and exhibition openings become special events for your visitors thanks to immersion and interaction features. Art is no longer just looked at – it becomes more than just a Kodak moment of its creation. It becomes a moving experience.

Art and culture will not only fascinate and thrill young people. This new 3rd dimension of art experience can become reality for anyone who loves art.



Boundless Paintings

Our newest immersive arts spheres project was created by Stuttgart-based artist GYJHO who implemented "Boundless Paintings" together with our team of 3D artists and virtual reality experts.

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