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The CYBER-CLASSROOM is a digital learning environment that lets you experience the invisibile.

This software is comprised of Virtual Reality (VR)-Learning Modules that have been developed in cooperation with partners in an open innovation process and that is compatible with all kinds of hardware from 3D-TV, 3D-projectors and VR-glasses to interactive whiteboards. They are available as local solutions and online. Learners absorb complex study material immersively and interactively. Facts and advanteges of Virtual Reality

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Our 3D/VR learning software is available in four different editions:

The school editioncalled Cyber-Classroom,  is recommended for grade 5 and up.

The vocational training edition is geared towards vocational schools and can be equipped with a 3D/ VR learning module for production- or microsystem technology among others.


The academical edition edition includes our Cyber-Classroom application and a learning environment tailored to the needs of universities and higher education.

The professional edition is a high-end option for companies with an individually designed and specified 3D environment.


There are a number of different hardware options: From 3D TV to interactive whiteboards as well as powerwalls, cave, projector and VR-glasses like the Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR or HTC Vive...



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