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Our software COVISE is a modular visualisation software for virtual reality applications focusing on fluid mechanics, structural mechanics and cooperative work. COVISE serves as a system platform for Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality technologies. Our customers use it in different areas of production development, analysis and presentation. It is also being used for our VR-learning platform. Thanks to its modular structure it can be adapted to almost any specification.

Basic modules and core competencies:

-      Reader for fluid mechanics etc.: COVISE CFD-      Reader for structural mechanics: COVISE FEM-      Virtual Realiry Renderer (cover): COVISE VR-     Cooperative work: COVISE CE


Additional modules complement the basic modules in their functionality and special uses or applications:

-    - -   Voume Rendering: COVISE VOLRE
Renderer Webbrowser: COVISE WEB
Batch processing: COVISE BATCH
Visualization of VRML-data: COVISE VRML
Casting and Moulding simulation: COVISE CM
Multibodysystem: COVISE MKS
QS and tolerance analysis: COVISE TOL
CAD-data visualization: COVISE CAD

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