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VR glasses

Our selection of Virtual-Reality-glasses (also called head-mounted-displays) always includes the newest available devices and covers a broad variety.

Oculus Rift is an application that is widely known even before the official launch of the customer version. Try the development version with us now! 


The Oculus Rift is characterised by a remarkably large field of view and a good picture quality as well as highly precise movement sensors that integrate headmovements without any noticeable delay into the virtual world. These VR-glasses allow you to get immersed in a virtual world and offer a high degree of immersion for practical training sessions in different areas.

We also offer mobile VR-glasses that can be connected to a smartphone and create a wireless connection to the virtual world.


AR-glasses enhance reality by adding information or objects and thereby connect the real world with the virtual one.

Oculus Rift, Sony Morpheus, Samsung Gear-VR, HTC Vive with Steam VR, Google Cardboard or Razor OSVR - we recommend the solution that best fits your needs – for product presentations on fairs, workshops or Serious Gaming


We advise and inform you on our VR solutions, calculate your price or plan a free-of-charge demo appointment for you. You can visit us in our lab in St. Georgen or make an appointment on site. Please contact: kontakt(at)