imsimity GmbH

Application examples

  • Fire brigade or relief force training

  • Training in occupational safety, fire & disaster prevention

  • History classes

  • Historical sites

  • Serious Gaming


The omnidirectional tread mill, called the virtualizer, brings even more interaction into your virtual world. Thanks to special shoes your steps on the smooth and round platform will be transported into the virtual world. Sensors also transmit movements like ducking, jumping, turning and sitting down with high precision. You can even define your walking speed – you can walk slowly or run quickly. Your every move will be picked up by this application.

This increases the degree of immersion drastically and gives you a wide variety of interaction possibilities in the virtual world.

In combination with the VR-glasses Oculus Rift and a 3D sound from high-quality headphones you will experience the complete immersion into your virtual world.

Virtual Fires Congress

The Virtualizer is exhibited as part of the professional fair of the annual virtual fires congress.




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