imsimity GmbH


Our partners can offer you a wide selection of projectors and will cover almost all of your needs. Apart from normal projectors and rear projectors, that are used for projecting pictures onto the back of a screen, we can also offer you our UST-series for special requirements. These ultra short throw projectors can be placed directly in front or behind a screen. Thanks to its short projection span (0.27:1) the projector creates a large picture even with a small screen-distance.

A simple white wall is a perfect background for this projector. Thanks to its high resolution in WXGA or even Full HD (1920x1080p) you will be guaranteed an excellent picture quality.

We can also offer you portable projectors with Full HD resolution that will fit in your bag and are perfect for workshops and presentations.

For your professional use we also offer high-end-projectors with extremely bright and powerful lightbulbs for sharp contrasts.


We advise and inform you on our VR solutions, calculate your price or plan a free-of-charge demo appointment for you. You can visit us in our lab in St. Georgen or make an appointment on site. Please contact: kontakt(at)