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Rent a Powerwall

Impress your clients and rent our large VR-powerwall: either 3m x 2,5m or 6m x 4m.

Contact us to receive an offer. You can use our form or write us an email to: kontakt(at) 

Powerwall | Immersive Wall

A powerwall is a stereoscopic 3D rear projection screen. Sizes can vary depending on design. This wall offers a large-scale 3D projection space.

Its practical uses are in construction and production of machines, aircraft and the automobile industry as well as architecture and training or workshops, like for example service technicians, fire brigade, relief forces and security.

Rear projectors offer the advantage of a shadow-free, bright projection that allows you to stand directly in front of the projection screen and be completely immersed in a virtual world. Screens are made from a special material and have a special coating that allows for high-resolution motion pictures to be projected onto a powerwall without any decrease in quality.