imsimity GmbH

Mobile Interactive Center

Our "Interactive Centre" has been developped specifically for team work which makes it the perfect mobile VR solution.

The media station can be wheeled and is height-adjustable. It comes with either a 55” or a 65” 3D TV and includes a workstation for charts and all necessary equipment which is stowed away safely. The drawer for your workstation and other equipment can be locked to ensure that only authorized staff have access to it and to increase your data security.

The interactive centre has been designed to present your 3D stereo films or applications to your customers or employees in the best possible way. All components have been tailor made to fit together perfectly, therefor do not require any additional skills and operate smoothly. Just switch on the workstation and the TV and your good to start your presentation. Depending on the TV you choose 3D-glasses may be included.





We advise and inform you on our VR solutions, calculate your price or plan a free-of-charge demo appointment for you. You can visit us in our experimental lab in St. Georgen or make an appointment on site. Please contact: kontakt(at)