imsimity GmbH

We develop VR applications that are tailor made to our customers specifications including development processes, training relief forces or the next "big bang" in the automobile industry.

There are many ways in which VR can be used – the possibilities are almost endless. In close cooperation with our customers we provide digital solutions for print, web, film, mobile devices like smartphones and tablets or complex virtual installations.

Our VR software solutions are based on COVISE or Unity3D and turn products, processes and facts into interactive and immersive experiences.

Digital communication ensures in depth and long term learning as well as a better understanding of the material. We guarantee a constantly high level of innovation in our customer projects as well as each individual VR standard solutions.


We offer in depth consulting, create concepts as basis for future decisions and plan individual  VR presentations in our lab in St. Georgen or on-site. Contact us now...