imsimity GmbH

The Cyber-Classroom Student University introduces school classes of different ages to learning the future. At six learning stations, the young people can learn about mixed reality (virtual and augmented reality) in different ways. Complex subjects are taught in a playful and creative way by means of interactive and immersive learning modules. Participants experience and explore the new technologies and future learning methods for a modern school education.

The SchülerUni Learning Stations at a glance:

- Cyber-Classroom

- VR Head Mounted Displays: HTC Vive,
   Samsung Gear VR, Cardboard

- Stereoscopy. What's virtual reality with Knowledge Check?

- 3D painting

- Augmented Reality

Organize a cyber classroom student college with us. At your school, as an offer for playful learning with new technologies - in your company, as a campaign for the generation of new talent or book it as an extra-curricular event with us in the DBT laboratory in St. Georgen. We organize the process including assembly and dismantling and the complete stations with everything that goes with it - from the 3D chalk to MR technology and media content to the competition.

The Cyber-Classroom Pupils' University is ideal for students of upper secondary level and classes 4-10, but can also be adapted for grades 11-13 if agreed.