imsimity GmbH

We use Immersive Story Telling to create real time 3D visualisations for fairs or other events, cost-efficiently and on short notice. Even large amounts of data can be processed quickly and presented in VR – your presentation will stand out and is sure to be an eyecatcher.

Examples: Dieffenbacher, LEWA.

In collaboration with artists, painters and 3D artists we create virtual, immersive and interactive art worlds and offer a new way to experience art. Thanks to VR and AR technologies we are able to integrate traditional art into digital worlds.

Interactive 3D presentations, VR worlds and unique immersive experiences – like for example flying an airship from Shanghai to your home… Anything is possible! Let us know your ideas for an event and we will turn it into (virtual) reality.

Examples: Expo Shanghai, Frankfurter Buchmesse.