imsimity GmbH

Augmented Reality Applications

Our Augmented Reality (AR) solutions present additional information, allow for processes to be analysed and facts to be experienced thanks to so called AR markers that “augment reality”.

We develop AR applications for different fields and adapt them to the specific needs of our clients. Enhancing reality and creating a virtual world ensures long-term learning and makes complex issues easier to comprehend.

AR applications offer an effective way to teach standard procedures when operating or repairing technological tools by adding digital data to real objects. Our Service Training offers a brand new way to present information where it is most needed – the user’s field of vision.

Virtual objects are integrated into a video in real time, positioning them correctly in space and aligning perspectives. Data glasses, so called “wearables”, as well as smartphones or tablets help achieve this effect.

Recently we have created a digitally enhanced chronicle for local history and an AR image brochure for the tourism association.

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We offer in depth consulting, create concepts as basis for future decisions and planindividual  VR presentations in our DBT-Lab in St. Georgen or on-site. Contact us now...